KUDDLEY KRITTERS Animal Rescue & Refuge


If you love animals, DONATE HERE!

We have babies in need of medical care; shots, spay and neuter costs ADD UP…!

The heart and soul of Middle-ground Ministries is KUDDLEY KRITTERS ANIMAL RESCUE; incorporated in Texas, 2004, this non-profit organization profides rescue, refuge and needed care for many of God’s creatures (big and small).  Any and all donations received on this page are immediately available to Kuddley Kritters for the shelter, medical expenses and feeding of the animals in their care.  See pictures on this site, as well as videos and pics on several other platforms (below).

Please see the LINKS below for Kuddley Kritters online content; YouTube Channel (with musical animal videos), Patreon page, Facebook page, FB profile, and more!  Donate above, or below, to help this SMALL, FAMILY-RUN animal rescue in Texas.

SOCIAL MEDIA and Online Content LINKS:

Kuddley Kritters YouTube Channel

KKAR Patreon Page

Facebook Page

Facebook PROFILE

AND NOW Middle-ground Publishing


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