About Middle-ground Ministries

Middle-ground Ministries holds that all life is precious and we do our best to take care of the things God has given us (or put in our way)… Mandy, a rare black-calico, lived with us for thirteen years.  You can find her story, and more, on our KuddleyKritters Facebook Page and Kuddley Kritters You Tube Channel ***CHECK IT OUT.  Also, find me at Middle-ground Ministries/ You Tube Channel.  It is my sincere belief that God brings these animals to me, and always has; and I am doing what He wants me to (partially) by caring for them.  I’m still working on the other parts (writing/preaching).   See, I’m also a social phobic – something I didn’t put in my profile description.  I’ve been terrified at the thought of stepping out into the limelight (so-to-speak) my entire life; running from what it was I knew God wanted me to do.  I turned 55 years old in 2019.

It’s time to stop running; I know that.  Logically, and in my heart, I know that… but I am still scared… scared of what’s to come – frightened to have the awesome responsibility (of speaking for God) – and nervous to be ‘known.’  But, still, HERE I GO… I will be having my first public book signing, at the Grand Opening of the new Venus Country Store, here in Venus, Texas! Date still to be determined; but likely July 2020. Intro FREE Preview “A Letter to Heaven”, Part 1 ‘The Loss’ was my first publication; I have now published SIX books: Two parts of this four-part series; two “kids” books that adults will also enjoy; a book of original poetry; and a book about President Trump. Currently working on The Covid-19 Chronicles and The Killing of George Floyd; to be out SOON.

My books can be found on http://www.middlegroudpublishing.org (to buy direct) and at my author page on http://www.amazon.com/author/dbtyon .

All in its time. Trusting God to get me there.


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