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WHERE, OH WHERE has Triond gone?

I was going to republish some of my papers on Triond, because I tried an old link, just to see if it was still working and it wasn’t – figured that site (which Triond published it on) must have gone under; so tried logging into Triond (with the bookmark link I have used for over six years now) and it says “Site Cannot Be Reached” …what?  I know it’s been a few months since I’ve been on there, but I didn’t think it had been THAT long.

I took a look at their facebook page, and clicked a link on there, which took me to a page showing “Payments Sent.”  January 2016 was the last month shown on there – nothing after that… have they gone under?  Prior to that, every single month, excepting one was listed, showing which day that month payments were sent out to authors.  Nothing past January of this year.  But I know I was on the site earlier this summer… I swear I was.

I mean, I know I lose track of time, but REALLY?  Eight months?  It has been a difficult year (again).  Story of my life.  It would rival any good soap opera.

Get this… my mom is currently suing my daughter, trying to kick her out of a house they co-own because she is adopting three foster children she has been caring for this past year and a half.  My mom gave her permission to FOSTER, but not to ADOPT, she said!  As if my daughter needed to ask her grandmother’s permission to have more children by any means (my six-year old grandson loves having siblings).  Oh, yeah, she also told her (prior to the lawsuit) that she couldn’t move her fiance in, even after they marry, unless she buys the house from her first!!  She totally can’t do that.

So, anyway… now you know a little about what my life is like.  I guess I’ll publish some of my other articles on here, as blogs, since I can obviously no longer use Triond and everything I have published on there is apparently no longer accessible.  I hope you all enjoy my writing – I have written on a variety of subjects,  which touch all of our lives.  Google+ Page